Modes of Shipping Products from Yiwu to your Country

by Carmen Jhonson

Yiwu, a city in China, houses the Yiwu Futian Market, also known as the Yiwu International Trade City. It was originally known as Futian Market, considering its based in Futian Village, but most foreign visitors rebranded it as the International Trade City. Futian has plenty of small commodities and supplements other markets and vice versa. The market has been in use since 2002 and has more than 50000 booths spread across its districts. The suppliers receive customers all year round and ship the goods to their respective countries. In this write-up, we look at ways of shipping products from Yiwu.

Modes of Shipping Products from Yiwu to Your Country

Yiwu Futian Market is recognized for its wholesale business and different product categories. The suppliers deal with clients from all over the world whereby some can get themselves there while others prefer importing. Yiwu is a developed city with good transportation methods and logistics. You can choose to ship your goods however you like depending on your location and the shipping time frame. Each mode of transportation varies from the other regarding costs and the type of products that can be transported. In some instances, the delivery company or the supplier can advise you on the best mode to use, but it all comes down to your preferences.

There are three main ways of shipping from Yiwu: express delivery, freight shipping, and transport by rail.

1. Express Delivery

It is the fastest shipping method for commodities within or across borders. Most customers prefer this mode to others since the goods are delivered to your address within 3-5 days from the day of purchase. Despite being the fastest, it is also the most expensive way and is limited to certain products. You can only use this method to ship small and light valuable goods like watches, accessories, or electronic commodities. Yiwu market has plenty of express companies; however, their discount rate is low. The Yiwu express agent is the perfect solution for your shipping, and their discount rates are much better than others.

2. Freight Shipping

It can be divided into air transport and sea shipping. Most freight companies are based in Futian District, but there are few others in various locations. Air transport is faster than shipping by sea; however, sea shipping accommodates heavier commodities. Air delivery companies have a weight limit for all goods, thus limiting weighty goods like those made from metals. As a buyer, ensure the freight delivery company you choose ships goods specifically to your country line. This is because a company may appear to be a shipping company but fails to deliver to your country.

3. Railway Transport

Choosing to use railways transport will cost you less and save you so much time; however, you must access the railway from Yiwu to Madrid. It passes through countries like Russia, Poland, Germany, and France, so you can cut down your costs by rail if you come from any of them.


Each mode of shipping has benefits and drawbacks. Nevertheless, it depends on your goods, the amount of money you wish to spend, and the time taken to ship. Whichever way you choose, always confirm with the supplier and the forwarding company to ensure your goods are in good condition and are safe for shipping.

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