10 Steps On How To Dye Human Hair Wigs For Women

by Carmen Jhonson

Human hair wigs for women are very advantageous. One can opt to change the color and style of the wigs. Therefore, allowing for a fresher new look always. Furthermore, the wigs for women ensure one maintains a new fresher look that builds confidence and self-esteem. In addition, dying different colors on the human hair wig can allow room for changing one look on an often basis. The process of dying one’s wig is quite simple. This article will inform you of the step-by-step process of dye human hair wigs for women.

Step by step process of how to dye human hair wigs for women

1. Ensure that the human hair wig allows room for dying

The first step requires you to ensure that the human hair wig selected is viable for dying without damaging the wig.

2. Choose a dye

The second step involves you selecting the dye color you wish to turn your human hair wig. A key point in this step is that you should only select regular hair dye and avoids fabric dyes. Fabric dyes can cause the wig to weaken.

3. Choose a hair developer

The best hair developer is a 20 volume. The 20 volume will ensure that the hair’s color changes by one shade or even two.

4. Wear rubber gloves

The mixing of dye can irritate your hands. Thus, before you proceed to handle the dye, ensure that you wear disposable rubber gloves. The disposable rubber gloves will protect your skin from staining and irritations that may occur.

5. Mix the developer and dye in a bowl

In a bowl, mix the developer and dye using a plastic spoon. The amount of developer you use with the dye depends on the instructions written on the dye. Therefore, ensure you read the dye manuals. Also, ensure that you do not use a metal spoon to mix the dye.

6. Test the dye

Once you are done with the mixture, you can test out the dye on a small portion of the wig that is not easily visible. If the color is the exact shade you need, you can proceed with finishing dying.

7. Soak the human hair wig in dye

Put the human hair wig in the bowl containing the dye. Then, using your fingers, gently spread the dye over the wigs layers. Ensure that you are very gentle in the process.

8. Set the human hair wig on a wig stand

Then put the wig on the stand to ensure that the style and shape remain intact.

9. Brush the hair

Using a wide toothbrush or comb, brush the hair gently to spread the dye all over the wig. At this point, ensure to apply the dye evenly over the wig. Once you are done brushing, leave the wig for about 30-40 minutes to set.

10. Wash and dry the hair

After 30-40 minutes, wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner under running warm water. After washing all excess dye out, you can let the wig air dry or use the low setting dryer to dry it.


Wigs for women are very advantageous as they offer a natural look and allow one to change color; therefore, always keeping on changing looks. Also, the process of changing the human hair color is simple, and anyone can do it from the comfort of their own home.

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