7 Essential Questions To Ask Before Outsourcing Skincare Manufacturing

by Carmen Jhonson

The latest skincare manufacturing technology ensures that production and product design is very flexible. Furthermore, the technology ensures that product customization is possible. It means that a skin care line manufacturer can guarantee skincare brands spectacular product design. A good product design goes a long way in ensuring marketability. If you wish to invest in the skincare line, below are the questions to ask before outsourcing the services;

1. Does your skincare manufacturing meet the required standards?

Skincare products that do not meet the requirements have a high chance of being banned from the market by authorities. Therefore, if you do not wish to incur a loss, ensure to inquire about the standard levels. The manufacturing company that you choose should meet your country’s FDA standards. Furthermore, they should have certificates to prove that they do.

2. How much will the cost of production be?

Different manufacturers have varying production costs. Therefore, it is always good to know their production cost before you choose one. In addition, if you want to venture into the skincare business, the cost of production will help you determine what your expected returns will be. 

3. What is the skin care product’s minimum order quantity?

Knowing the minimum order quantity is crucial, especially if you want to test product reception in the market. It also helps new skincare brands from overstocking. Some of the best skin care manufacturing companies have a minimum order quantity of 100 units. Furthermore, the best manufacturers have product sizes from 8 gallons. The critical point is that not all manufacturers have the same minimum order quantity. Thus, inquiring about it will help you in your decisions.

4. How to identify the best skincare manufacturing company?

Before outsourcing skincare production, it is always good to inquire about the best company. It is because a good company will always ensure that you receive a top-notch service level. Some of the features of a great company are; have many years of experience, an expert in the skincare industry, and reputable. If a manufacturer meets the features, you can consider them among the best.

5. Does the skincare manufacturing process involve organic and natural products?

The general mass has shifted its focus to organic and natural products. The shift ensures that natural and organic skincare products are trendy and profitable. Thus, most brands currently focus on products that use natural and organic ingredients. Therefore, consult whether the ingredients are organic and natural before you outsource the services. Also, inquire whether they are ideal for use.

6. Who is responsible for product formulation?

A new skincare line brand must know who is responsible for formulating its products. Generally, skincare products are formulated by chemists. Therefore, you can inquire about the level of the chemists’ expertise. Furthermore, you can inquire whether you can work with the experts to formulate a perfect product formula.

7. How does a skincare manufacturing company prevent contamination?

Inquiring on whether the company monitors for contamination is crucial. Contamination may negatively affect your brand’s image. Thus, ensure to confirm whether the company uses methods such as microbial detection to check for contamination.


Skincare manufacturing may seem like an easy task, especially if you outsource the service. But if you do not make the necessary inquiries, you may end up with something that you do not like. Thus, before you outsource the services, ensure you ask the above questions.

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