Safety Tips While Using a CNC Machine

by Carmen Jhonson

Making cnc aluminum sounds like fun when you are using the right CNC machine. If you had to do it manually, you’d probably tremble at the thought. But using CNC to make aluminum is a much easier way. CNC machines are generally better than other machines because they reduce human contact. Usually, machines basically make the work faster. But you will have to closely control and use the machine to ensure accuracy. For instance, when you want to handle a lathe machine, you can’t leave the device to work on its own. That will put the machine at a high risk of errors, hence wasting materials. Instead, you will have to be around the machine to ensure its precision.

A CNC machine, on the other hand, is a more technical machine that requires programs to work. All the operator needs to know is to understand the programs to command the machine. Everything about a CNC machine is computerized. From its design, you will get a clear picture of what you are about to produce in 3D. That way, it is easy to make corrections and ensure great output. When you are satisfied with the design, you do not need to do anything to ensure it produces accurately. It all works with the programs. However, a CNC machine is a device, and as humans, we can not trust machines 100%. At intervals, you may want to check if the machine is in perfect working conditions. Also, you will not want to make any mistake with the machine. There are different types of CNC machines for different purposes. Each machine poses a threat to your safety, especially when you are going close. That is why you need to take as many safety precautions as you can while using a CNC machine. Some of the safety tips that matter include;

Protect your eardrums

Using a CNC machine can be a very loud process. If it was going to get loud once and stop, it may not exactly be a problem. But sometimes, a CNC machine can run for close to twenty hours without stopping. The machine is built to be durable and withstand such rigorous activities. Your ear, on the other hand, is not built for such rigorous activities. So if you want to use a CNC machine, remember to protect your ears.

Safety glasses and shoes

A CNC machine works fast in cutting and molding equipment. During any of the processes, some deposits of the material may spill and fly. The last thing you will want is to have it enter your eyes. On the other hand, the machine may be cutting an enormous item, and when it cuts a section, the remaining section lands on the floor. If your bare legs are there at that point, it can lead to severe injuries.

Cut or cover hair completely

If you have long hair, you will do yourself a lot of good to cover it while using a CNC machine. The machine can be extremely brutal if it grabs your hair. Also, do not go too close to the machine and keep your hands to yourself.

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