Difference between Pop up Floor Waste and Click Clack Drains

by Carmen Jhonson

Pop-up-wastes and click-clack drain systems are often used in describing two different types of drain plugs usually situated at the bottom of a tub. The purpose of the floor waste is handling clogs and blockages that can otherwise compromise the operation of a drainage system.

The major difference between pop-up and click-clack plug is the way the drainage plug operates (opens and closes).

Usually, the pop-up drainage lifts the lever behind the faucet up and down.

On the other hand, click-clack waste does not involve a lever system. It is also the drainage plug itself.

When the floor waste plug pops up, a clack is heard. When it is pushed back, a click will be heard. This explains the origin of the name (click-clack).

The two drainage systems can be bought with overflow capabilities. The notches are diced in the sides of the pieces.  

This allows the flow of water straight into the plugs.

This is beneficial, especially to people with an overflowing sink, and might accidentally leave water on. In case the drain plug is pushed down, with a combo of overflow drain plug and sink, water is still going to be drained from the sink.

Here are detailed visuals of the two types of drain plugs, including how they are operated.

With pop-up drains, the notches are visible. The lever, which happens to be vertical, and is directly appended to another horizontal lever, into the drainage, enables it to easily pop-up and down.

Some homeowners prefer the plain look without a lever right behind the faucet. Others would rather have the lever since it is a convenient means of opening as well as closing the plug of the drain.

The ultimate decision of what you prefer may also depend on the type of faucet you buy and whether it comes with a click or pop-up sound.

Over and above, there is definitely no clear advantage of buying this drain system over the click and clack. They serve the same purpose.

Unblocking your drain
Whether it is the bathtub or kitchen sink, having a blocked water waste is unpleasant. Perhaps this is one of the most common problems to occur in the modern plumbing systems since the general materials used coupled with the designs incorporated to cut down most faults. But, a plug can be blocked for several reasons.

When it happens, it may not necessarily be a direct reflection of your cleanliness and the ability to maintain the drainage but the design. These issues can be solved with simple Do-It-Yourself skills. Take a look at one of the easiest.

Use baking powder
Baking powder has strong chemical properties to help remove stubborn stains from your blocked drainage system. To clear it, mix a cup of baking soda with vinegar. Pour the mixture into the drain since it will bubble and fizz instantly. This should clear the gunk from the drainage system.

Final Thoughts

Deciding which water waste is the best for you can be a daunting task for an individual who does not know what to look at. With the skills stated above, you can always choose the right one. Happy shopping!

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