Five Ways to Make Parking Lots Safer

by Carmen Jhonson

Considering the parking lot lighting pole height is very important. Why?

Because making parking lots safe for people is very important for businesses and organizations to thrive.

You don’t believe it?

Think about this- Statistics have shown that, on average, 1 in 4 pedestrian-related accidents happen in parking lots. If this doesn’t feel big, just know that for every 100 persons that go through a parking lot, about 25 persons will likely get an accident.

This could be anyone you know.

When the right precautions aren’t put in place, parking lots could be breeding grounds for criminal activities. People will become scared and avoid parking lots totally.

Ways to ensure security in parking lots

1. Adequate lighting
This is one thing that should never be compromised because lighting makes parks safer. When you don’t look out for parking lot pole lighting as a business owner, things will generally slow down as people don’t go near dark lots.

It also reduces the chances of accidents.

What can you do?

Focus on high-quality lighting systems and note the space between them. LED lights are very much recommended because they fulfill two basic factors- uniformity and quality of lighting. It produces quality lighting that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Evenly spread fixtures throughout a space prevent dark corners and shadowy places.

How can you decide on space?

Parking lot lighting pole height can be very tricky to decide on as a starter. But the general rule is that the higher the pole goes, the more fixtures it should have and the more space you should create.

However, the height should not be much so that it doesn’t get disturbed by heavy rainfalls, winds, and other issues.

2. Pedestrian walkways are important
When pedestrian walkways are well designed and positioned, it prevents people from interfering with vehicle traffic and reduces pedestrian-related accidents. This is why the parking lot lighting pole height should be optimal so that they will be space for pedestrian walkways.

If you don’t have funds to create a pedestrian walkway, ensure you have lots of paving materials to signify when pedestrians are cutting through traffic.

3. There should be control of traffic flow
People tend to take advantage of things when everything is gold and rosy, and free-flow traffic isn’t an exception.

The best way to reduce traffic is to have different entrances and exits. That way, there is a mono-directional flow of vehicles and less chances of accidents occurring. Secondly, insert speed bumps at strategic points in the lot.

4. Bollards can save your life
Storeowners underestimate the importance of bollards. Attaching bollards in your storefronts will reduce the risk of damage from vehicles. Research has shown that at least fifty accidents occur per day as a result of cars and carts running into commercial and industrial buildings.

Why don’t you take the step and protect your shop today?

5. Make wise use of cart corrals
These cart corrals help to remind customers to return the carts instead of allowing them to roam around. They could hurt people or damage goods.  

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