What makes the Japanese Katana sword special?

by Carmen Jhonson

It’s almost impossible to have a valid discussion on warfare without mentioning the ancient Japanese swords. These swords were used by the Japanese to dominate several battles in times past. Much is known about the all-conquering Japanese Samurais, but the uniqueness of their swords is often underappreciated. The sword is notably available on platforms like https://www.samuraiswordsmith.com/ where you can be assured of getting a great piece for yourself.

The effectiveness of the sword does not entirely lie in the skill of whoever is wielding it; it has its charm. Samurai swords are rumored to allow users to take full control in combat mode. The forging technique is one that has been mastered over many years to significant effect. This article takes a look at those things that make the typical Samurai sword special.

The sword is very rigid.
If you’re ever opportune to ask a warrior what they desire most in a weapon, rigidity is likely to top that list. A typical Samurai sword gives a user the much-needed balance they need while they engage in combat. Rigid swords cut through and through when applied with full force by the user. No matter how blunt the blade might be, it is likely to leave a brutal mark on the target.

Forging technique is topnotch.
Most people will tell you that this factor contributes the most to the effectiveness of a Japanese Samurai sword. The amount of work put into the forgery process of the Samurai sword is quite exceptional. The swordsmith takes time to forge the steel by repeatedly beating and hammering it. The carbon is combined with the steel in the required ratio, while the impurities are removed. It’s the removal of these impurities that makes the steel very durable. Most sword makers tend to skip this critical step due to the rigorous nature of the process.

The blade is quite artistic.
Without mincing words, Japanese sword makers take pride in the beauty of the Samurai sword. The handle is given the much-needed fitting that makes it quite handle for combat. The swordsmith also ensures that they give the blade adequate curves through a technique that’s well tested. The sword contract’s front and back edge at different rates; this makes it easy to curve the blade. This stage of curling the sword is one that often proves tricky as most swords are lost to the process.

Extraordinary polishing process
The mere fact that the Samurai swords sparkle when drawn out of its sheath points to the amount of work put into its polishing. After the sword has been carefully assembled, a different team takes control of its polishing. The main goal of the polishing process is to remove as many layers of steel to give the blade a shiny appearance. All of these are achieved by rubbing the edge against fine particles of silicate stones until a level of smoothness is achieved.

Final Thought
The level of precision and appeal that you get from a Japanese Samurai sword is almost unrivaled. This article highlights some of those factors that contribute to the uniqueness of a typical Samurai sword.

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