What Huawei Camera Kit Offer Developers and Users

by Carmen Jhonson

Every phone manufacturer is literally known by a certain feature about their devices. It’s what makes them the best in the industry as per what they produce the best.

For instance, Huawei phones, over a long period, they have made their name known and be talked about thin and wide when it comes to what they can do in the mobile photography sector. In fact, nothing beats them in that sector, and for that reason, they have gathered a loyal band of photography enthusiasts.

But if you thought that was enough, you’re wrong as things are only getting started to get even better. Thanks to the release of the huawei camerakit, Huawei camera will only get better with superior effects as well as quality performance.

So, what do you know about the Huawei camera kit?

What’s the Huawei Camera Kit?

This is a kit that has been released and is poised to provide advanced programmed APIs in improving the performance of the phone camera. Therefore, it means that with the upgrade, the quality of the images and videos will never be the same again, but instead, it will move a notch higher in terms of quality.

The camera kit comes with several modes that include;

Rear camera HDR

It’s a mode that blends a plethora of exposures of the user’s image in helping to bring out details in shadows. Therefore, it helps to ensure that the subject stands out in the image by blurring the background.

Front camera HDR

Selfies are at the center-stage of the current world, and if you want to do a selfie in a dark or low-light environment, then the front camera HDR will come in handy. The HDR setting helps to improve the facial details, helping your image to appear more life-like.

Wide Aperture

Together with rear camera HDR, the wide aperture setting is the one that helps to blur the background to only highlight your subject in the photo. The wide aperture is best in operation when you’re about two meters from the subject when taking the photo. In this mode, you’re not supposed to turn on the camera flash when shooting.

Super night mode

Are you worried about those night parties and how you’ll get your picture-perfect images? The super night mode setting will come in handy. When taking the long exposure images at night, you’ll be able to use this setting. It helps to balance the brightness automatically. Also, it uses a multi-frame composites.

Portrait Mode

The portrait mode helps the user to apply several effects such as background blurring, lighting, and beautification effects and help produce stunning results.


Huawei camera kit will make those short video recordings a dream to have as the user will be able to record with effects such as blurred backgrounds, AI film, filters, among others.

Slow-mo Mode

With the help of the slow-mo mode, the user will be recording slow-mo videos at several speeds from 60 fps to about 960 fps. Therefore, if you’re looking to be a hit in social media, then this is the mode you’ve been looking for.

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