The Latest Phones in the Tecno Mobile Phones Arsenal

by Carmen Jhonson

Tecno as a brand is just not letting up. Since they broke into the market, they have never disappointed. Every release seems to be built with extremes care and attention to detail. Every upgraded model seems to be designed to be exponentially better than the previous model. The camera, the battery, the memory space, the RAM, the external diameters, the screen sensitivity and durability. Tecno is holding nothing back in their quest to upgrade all aspects of their gadgets, especially mobile phones. However, this article will focus on the newer mobile phones under the Tecno brand and not their tablets and other accessories. Which by the way are all brilliant.

The latest mobile phones under the Tecno brand seem to belong to the Phantom and Camon families. But for this article, we will only look at the sleek new additions to the Camon series. The Camon 15 Air and 15 Premier.

We will begin the discussion with sleek Tecno CAMON 15 Premier. This phone has specifications which are simply off the charts considering its price. The Tecno CAMON 15 Premier is equipped with a camera so good, it is referred to as the Camera Phone. The rear camera is fitted out with a 64MP Ultra Quad camera setting. Yes, it is just as it sounds. Four cameras all working together. It even has 8 times zooming effect which still retains its clarity.

The front camera is a 34MP Pop-up camera. With this camera, you get much more clearer “selfie” pictures. So the camera features on the Tecno CAMON 15 Premier are there to capture even the slightest details. This way, you have pictures of your fun times which are almost as clear as the image in your imagination. The Quad setting is especially appreciated at night. The cameras are designed to capture even the tiniest amount of light. So your night pictures are almost as clear as the day time ones with the aid of the ULTRA light lens.

The sleek design of the Tecno CAMON 15 Premier is a different issue altogether. Its textural lines give the phone a form of “adventurous” colour and design. This is because, under different light setting and conditions, various designs can be seen.  

However, the phone is not just a “pretty face”. Its operating system is the HiOS based on Android 10 settings. It runs on a 2.3 GHz Octa-Core. It is equipped with a 128GB ROM and a 6GB ROM. The screen is a 6.6” Full HD view.

The Tecno CAMON 15 Air is quite similar to the Tecno CAMON 15 Premier. However, the Camon 15 Air lacks the 34MP Pop-up selfie camera present in the Tecno CAMON 15 Premier. Instead, the 15 Air is equipped with an 8MP AI selfie camera. Its AI body shaping effect, as well as the improved portrait mode, are some of the more prominent features of the 15 Air.

In summary, there might be other latest Tecno phones but the Tecno CAMON 15 Premier and 15 Air (yeebia) could be said to be ahead of the curve.

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