How to Buy Quality Feed Pellet Mill?

by Carmen Jhonson

The pellet mills are available for various raw materials like wood, grass, bamboo, sawdust, straws, etc. According to the types of raw material, some minor changes are present in pellet mills.

So, while purchasing the pellet mill, you should be careful with your choice. If you are considering purchasing the feed pellet mill for your farm, consider the below-listed factors to get a quality mill.

1. Choose the Mill According to Your Raw Material

The feed pellets are formed from raw materials like wheat, grass, straws, corn, barley, and others. These raw materials are used for different animals, from chickens to horses.

The specified and generalized pellet mills are available for all these materials. So, while picking the pellet mill, ensure whether the mill can be used for your raw material or not.

2. Choose the Flat Die Pellet Mill over Ring Die

Pellet mills come up with two functional designs; flat die and ring die pellet mills. The flat die pellet mill is recommended for small-scale applications like feed formation.

These pellet mills are easy to operate, lightweight, and cheaper than ring die. In the flat die pellet mills, the flat holed die with a roller is used for the pellet formation.

3. Choose the Reputable Company

Before entering the market, do proper research about the quality brands and companies of pellet mills. Many companies are known for their quality worldwide.

Choosing the right company will solve half of your problem as reliable companies offer only quality products to their customers.

4. Set Your Budget

The feed pellet mills are available in different designs and sizes. The small-sized and simple mill will cost you less than an appealing large-sized mill. The price of these mills also depends on their size and features.

By specifying the budget limit, you can limit your search list and save a lot of your time. While setting your budget, add the working, fuel, and maintenance costs along with the purchase price.

Do not forget that the large mill demands more fuel and effort than the small one, but they also have a large production capacity.

5. Durable Construction

The quality pellet mills are the one that has durable and long-lasting construction with a proper coating that will save them from rusting, corrosion, and other problems.

Other than the construction, check the convenient features in the pellet mill, like the wheels, for portability.

6. Maintenance Method

The ease of cleanliness and maintenance of pellet mills depends on their design. Usually, the pellet mills come up with many removable parts like die, roller, and bearings. Such designs make it easier to clean the pellet mill.

Properly check the design of the mill and whether it’s easy to assemble and disassemble or not.

7. Fuel Type and Production Capacity

The feed pellet mills come up with different fuel consumption methods like electricity, gas, diesel, etc. Choose the most appropriate option according to your settings and usage. The diesel or gas pellet mills are best for outer usage, while the electric ones are for indoor use.

Other than the fuel system type, check the pellet production capacity of pellet mills. The capacity of pellet mills is directly related to the size and price of the mill.


The purchase of feed pellet mills is a long-term investment. So, make sure that you invest in the worthy things. A high-quality pellet mill will save you from the after-purchase hassle and other expenses. So, it’s okay to spend some time researching and comparing products.

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