How to Buy Heat Press Sublimation Tumblers

by Carmen Jhonson

Using sublimation tumblers to display artwork and images has gained popularity over the past several years. They provide a special method to decorate your house, business, or other space with color and flair.

It’s simple to learn how to acquire a tumbler press machine, but there are a few considerations you should make first. In order for you to make an informed choice before purchasing a new tumbler for your office or home. These factors include:


You must select the appropriate size for your requirements. The number of individuals who will use the tumbler will depend on the size of your business, so you must make sure you choose one that is suitable for your target market. For instance, if your company is small and you only have one employee, you might want to buy a tumbler that carries roughly 16 ounces of drink.

The Color of Your Tumbler

Consider purchasing a colored tumbler if you want something that is more vibrant than just plain black or white. Your choice of tumbler color will also depend on whether you prefer neutral hues like black or white or vibrant hues like red or orange. If this is something that interests you and you want something distinctive and different from other customers who may have purchased similar things before you, you can also place your orders for customized designs.

Grade of Material

You should also confirm that the material used to create your new heat press sublimation tumbler is of a high caliber and robust enough to withstand frequent use without breaking. In order to know what type of outcomes a product may generate under stress settings, such as repeatedly washing garments without experiencing any issues, try to find items that have been tried out by other consumers (this includes no leaks).


Some people seem to prefer using disposable tumblers like those seen at coffee shops and restaurants, while others prefer using their own personalized tumblers. Choose a unique tumbler that is portable if you intend to take it with you on trips (e.g., lightweight). Weight won’t be a big deal if you don’t frequently travel with your personalized tumbler.

Budget & Quantity

Are you buying the tumblers for home use, or for business branding? If for home use, you may buy them at any price offered to you. But if you are buying them for your office business, you’ll need to buy them at wholesale prices to cut the extra expenses. This should however, be without sacrificing quality tumblers because of desired discounts.


If you’ll be using the tumblers for marketing, it makes sense to get a more pricey model. This is due to the fact that the more costly tumblers are simpler to handle and less likely to be damaged than the cheaper ones, which makes a better impression on buyers. Customers won’t return a second time if they receive their coffee cups from you only to discover that they were broken in transportation.

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