An In-Depth Study Of The Best Hose Reel Ever

by Carmen Jhonson

The Giraffe Retractable heavy-duty hose reel is arguably the best hose reel ever! This product can host a ½ by 130 ft hose reel. This is an impressive capacity when you compare it to other products on the market. In addition, it is a wall-mounted design with a 180-degree swivel bracket. In this post, we will be reviewing this hose reel in depth.

A review of the giraffe tools hose reel

Below is an in-depth look at what this Giraffe hose reel has to offer;

1. Wall-mounted design

The hose reel features a wall-mount design that allows you to install the product on any wall in your compound. This design is highly beneficial because it saves a lot of space. It is also easy to design because all you need is a bracket and a few screws. The installation process is also quite fast.

2. Locking system

One of the best features of this product is that it features an incredible locking mechanism. It can lock at any length. This means that you can adjust your hose reel to whichever length suits your needs. All you have to do is activate the lock mechanism once you have pulled out enough of the hose. Note that the locking mechanism is also quite simple to operate.

3. Stable retraction system

This product also boasts a unique and stable retraction system that allows you to wind the hose neatly without worrying about kinking. The retraction system uses the automatic winding mechanism. This mechanism works in such a way that when you stretch the hose, the reed box and the detection unit are driven to rotate counterclockwise.

As this happens, the inner part of the spring is fixed as the outer rotates to apply pressure on the reed box mandrel. This action generates bending elastic deformation. Therefore the spring becomes twisted on its plane to produce energy storage. Afterward, when the cable gets released, the energy stored is also released and the detection unit and the spring box rotate clockwise.

4. Multi-purpose

Another significant element about this hose reel is that it can support two hose diameters. These are ½ inches and 5/8 inches. This means that you can easily switch the hoses depending on your needs. For instance, for heavy watering tasks, the ½ inch hose should do the trick. On the other hand, the 5/8 inch hose is the best for shorter and lighter watering tasks.

5. Durability

The hose reel is highly durable. Below are some elements that promote its durability;

  • It is made with industrial-grade aluminum-coated copper joints that are resistant to abrasion.
  • The hose reel passed the 200PSI and 600PSI pressure and bursting pressure tests, respectively.
  • Its casing is made using high-quality polypropylene

Final word

Additionally, this product by GiraffeTools features a 180-degree rotation bracket that allows you complete coverage of your garden. It also comes with a nine-mode nozzle. As a result, you can switch from one nozzle mode to the next effortlessly, depending on your needs. These are some of the reasons why Giraffe proudly boasts of this product being the best hose reel in the market.

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