3 Major Features of Quality Badminton Court Lights

by Carmen Jhonson

As soon as the court light hits the ground, it almost feels as if the court transforms. For those who have participated in indoor sporting activities, proper lighting could be an issue. Playing in weather conditions that are not so bright could equally be a challenge. But with the use of large stadium lights, the entire narrative changes. A typical example of this is badminton court lighting.

The badminton court lighting is the same as the regular stadium lighting. They come in various sizes. This means that regardless of a person’s lighting issues, a suitable fit would most likely be available. The badminton court light is especially important during games. The game of badminton is one where the slightest of errors could lead to a win or loss.

What are Badminton Court Lights?

These lights are the same as the regular stadium and track lights. They are much larger than regular sources of artificial light. This is because they have to generate more light to illuminate their areas of coverage. The lighting of the court can be simple, but it could also be difficult. It all depends if the quality of the purchased badminton court light.

Generally, the light used is unique from other sources of light. From their manufacture to other little details about them, they differ from the light bulbs in homes. We will be turning our attention to the factors responsible for these differences.

1. The Production Process: The production process of the badminton court lights is different from those of the traditional light bulbs and lamp holders. In line with the durability expected from them, the court lights pass through more solid production steps. As a matter of fact, these lights could most likely be said to be constructed.

For recent models, they are crafted using the die casting technology. This technique involves the melting of alloys and well their casting. Casting is the cooling of the melted alloy in the die. This is used in manufacturing parts of the lights. This makes them extremely durable. They are made with mostly zinc or aluminum.

2. Galvanized Steel Bracket: The lights possess galvanized steel bracket. These features of the court lights help them to possess a higher resistance against corrosion. For delicate structures which stay outdoor, isn’t that an essential point of consideration? They face all types of weather conditions. The badminton court lights need to be able to stand the test of time. The galvanized steel brackets help them avoid rusting or corroding easily.

3. Spill Shield Protection: The steel shields are also important. They help in reducing light pollution. This feature is in place to simply ensure that the emitted light remains as bright as possible for as long as possible without external hindrances.


These are not all of the unique aspects of the badminton court light. There are new models always being manufactured. But the above features are part of the most essential ones.

Knowing how a badminton court lights operates will help you to make the right choice if you want to purchase one.

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