How to Care for Your Smart Watch

by Carmen Jhonson

Like most electronic gadgets, a smartwatch requires proper care in exchange for an excellent and lengthy service. With time being such a crucial element in our lives, watches are worn nearly all 24 hours. So how can you make sure your smartwatch is well taken care of and maintained. Here are a few ideas to help you care for your smartwatch better. You can find other tips at

1. Get a screen protector

Watches are worn on our bodies’ most active part, our hands (well, the wrist is a part of the hand). This fact, coupled with their small size, you can get them effortlessly knocked into things.

Since its most extensive and most delicate feature is the screen, it would be best if you got it a screen protector. Clumsier individuals should highly consider this.

2. Cleaning

Is there any other accessory worn on a day to day basis like the watch? Can’t think of any. They’re worn when sweeping, doing dishes, and even during the sweatiest workouts. Instead of wearing the smartwatch for months without cleaning as most individuals do, consider cleaning it occasionally, as described below.

3. The screen

Use a microfiber piece of clothing to clean the screen. The cloth should be cleaned occasionally to rid it of the eventual oil build up. For no reason whatsoever should you use chemical solvents meant for glass on the smartwatch’s screen! A few drops of water or blowing moisture should suffice. Paper towels tend to leave streaks of lint, thus, not recommended.

If there’s grime that won’t come off, try taking a coffee filter that hasn’t been used, spray very little water to it, and rub it gently on the screen.

4. The band

Cleaning your smartwatch band is entirely dependent on the material of the band.

For silicone bands – clean with good ole’ water and soap

For leather– there are cleaners and conditioners designed specifically for leather. Be careful of cleaning agents that might discolor your leather.

For metal bands, stainless steel can be cleaned using white vinegar and a soft brush to loosen the chain-links’ grime.

Othermetals can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Remember, most metals rust upon exposure to moisture. Therefore, you should only use as little water as necessary. A gentle toothbrush scrub should help take off the solid dirt.

Toothbrush and paste should help a gold band get its shine back.

For the removable bands, take them off when cleaning them to avoid the risk of getting water all of the


5. Battery life and usage

Always turn off your watch Display, Wi-Fi, and GPS when you are not using them. It is also advised that you only charge the smartwatch when it dies. It’s a way to preserve battery life.

6. Other factors to pay attention to

Avoid wearing your smartwatch when taking a hot shower or in other steamy room settings like the spa. Don’t over bend or reverse-wind a leather band with excess force, or it will end up with wrinkles or break altogether.

Smartwatches being dustproof doesn’t mean it should be used in heavily dusty environments. The dust will accumulate over time and can damage the active duty, if not the watch’s aesthetical task.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of a smartwatch isn’t hard. Just give it nearly the same treatment as you would give your smartphone when it comes to exposure to different elements, and you should be good.

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