Applications of the HUAWEI Wallet Kit

by Carmen Jhonson

The HUAWEI wallet kit can be defined as an open capability that allows the integration of Huawei’s full-stack technologies. Full-stack technology is a chip-device cloud. The aim is to allow for easy to access digital passes on a platform that is integrated. The wallet kit helps users by enabling them to add their air/bus tickets, loyalty cards, boarding passes, coupons, gifts, and many other cards and passes directly on mobile phone devices. By doing so, users get more convenience whenever they want to use the items. The wallet kit also makes the interaction between the apps and their users through features like real-time play, location-based notifications, and lastly NFC capabilities very possible. Most importantly, the kit supports mobile pay.

Applications of the wallet kit

Below are some of the primary applications of the Huawei wallet kit;

· The kit allows users to use their loyaly cards, coupons, and gift cards. What happens is that first users have to save these cards on their mobile phones. After doing so, they can access them at any time, even when they do not have the physical copies. This not only makes it useful for the users to use the cards but also grants them easy access to other benefits. Such benefits include membership and point charges, as well as brand promotions.

· The wallet kit also allows users to save their boarding passes. The Huawei wallet kit functions the same way a physical wallet does. From credit cards to boarding passes, you can save a wide range of items that you would otherwise keep on your wallet. The difference is that in the mobile wallet, things are safer. In the case of the boarding passes, the kit allows users to get timely flight status updates and reminders. This would otherwise be impossible if the boarding pass was on an ordinary wallet.

· Users can also use the wallet kit to save event tickets. Once you have saved your ticket, you can display it by double pressing on the power button or from the HUAWEI assistant. This means that you do not have to open the HUAWEI wallet app. In the case of NFC-enabled tickets, you will be required to place your hone near the corresponding NFC sensor. This works even when the phone is locked.

· Users can also use the wallet kit for items like access cards, granted, the access cards have to be simulated. They can be set as default cards and used by placing the phone against access sensors. This can be done even when the phone screen is locked. The same can be done with all in one cards, smart locks as well as car keys. However, users need NFC-enabled phones for functions like unlocking cars.


The wallet kit is very easy to navigate. To add items, passes, and cards to the wallet, all you have to do is access the HUAWEI wallet app and tap the article once. You can also do this by web page, email, SMS message, or using the HUAWEI wallet CardStore. The kit also allows for easy integration and access.

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