7 Tips to Consider Before Buying CBD Cartridge

by Carmen Jhonson

Due to the multiple benefits of CBD oil, its popularity has grown immensely.  This same popularity is now contributing to the high market need for Hleeif CBD oil cartridge. A CBD oil cartridge is an efficient and healthy way to consume CBD oil. It is therefore essential to buy your cartridge from a reliable source. But if you’re not well informed on what to check during your purchase hustle, you might realize you spent your cash on the wrong cartridge. Here is what to consider before buying CBD cartridge.

  • Price

Whatever your budget is, you will readily find fake and original cartridges in the market today. However, the size of the cartridge determines the price. If it’s a 1ml CBD cartridge, it will cost less than what 200mg cartridge costs. On the other hand, a genuine cartridge will cost more than a second generation or a fake one.

  • Size

Most cartridges are prefilled with CBD oil before buying. Meaning, your cartridge purchase will depend on the size you require. If you need to test the flavor for the first time, or you’re beginning your vaping journey, first try a 100 mg cartridge before progressing to buy a larger cartridge

  • Supplier

The CBD cartridge dealer determines the quality of the cartridge. If the company selling the cartridge has positive reviews, proceed and purchase your device from them because it means they have good cartridges.

  • Strength Of The Oil

Even though there are few or no recorded negative effects of CBD oil overuse, but, taking more than you require changes your tolerance of the oil. So, at one time you will require to buy a larger cartridge like 1000mg vape cartridge for a shorter period because every vape you take won’t be enough.

However, if the CBD oil is well concentrated (it should pass the required recommendation) such that the hemp percentage is at the right levels, then you will only need the right amount for your daily usage. So, when buying the cartridge, check the mg/ml label on the cartridge.

  • Ingredient Used

CBD oil consists of two main ingredients, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. However, the two ingredients can be used in one cartridge while cartridges will have each ingredient individually. It is important to note; other cartridges have pure hemp oil. So, when purchasing your cartridge ensure you give your specifications.

  • Provision of lab testing

If you are a strict user of CBD oil for health purposes, then you have to ensure you are buying the right product. Fortunately, some company performs lab tests on the CBD oil to determine its hemp percentage. These results are readily available when you ask for them.

Additionally, if you need to know how the CBD oil was extracted, you can get the information from the lab results. The recommended form of CBD oil extraction is CO2 extraction, which is an ideal method of removing toxins.

  • Battery life

How long will you use the cartridge before you have to charge it? Consider the period it takes to fully charge the battery and how long it takes to use the cartridge. Remember to choose the lithium-ion battery because it has a longer life as compared to any other cartridge. Also, ensure the cartridge has a cartridge battery charger.

Take Away

Your health matter and if you are taking CBD oil for health purposes, then you have to be keen when choosing CBD cartridge. So, ensure you consider all the factors and read product review before purchasing.

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